What is Attar : Attar is a Persian word, which means fragrance, scent, or essence. Attars are made from multiple oils, sometimes as many as 30 or 40 Flowers/Herbs/Woods are together distilled with sandal wood oil . Attar is non alcohol based perfumes had their own charm.  Floral attar may be defined as the distillates obtained by the steam distillation of flowers in sandalwood oil. It is the purest non alcoholic fragrances and the most lasting perfumes in the world. The great land of India (Kannauj) provides us with abundant sources of wonderful fragrances that can invoke deep feelings of joy, excitement and serenity within us all. Every soul is stirred by a variety of fragrances, may it be the fresh green note of the forest after a shower, the early morning scent of the earth, or the ever present odors of the magnificent flowers of India.

Manufacturing of Attar : We manufacture two types of attars one is a single blend - naturally occuring fragrances such as Rose, Jasmine etc., while second is specific attars, specially created with mixing essential oils, fragrances, absolutes and compounds to some different blend. Attar is manufactured by the modern technology as well traditional ‘Deg and Bhapka’ method. A true attar is perfume oil made from flower petals, herbs, woods etc distilled in water using low heat and pressure. Sandalwood oil is used as a 

'base', or 'fixative'. Some attars also contain exotic woods, spices and resins. Over several weeks, the steam containing the fragrance oils is collected into a container of mild sandalwood oil. There, the oils blend together until the sandalwood is completely saturated with the fragrance of the flowers. In the art of perfumery It binds with the molecules of the fragrance oils and allows their subtleties.

Our Capability
: We are one of manufacturer from Kannauj who exclusively offer precious non-alcoholic attars and fragrances. Derived from the different part of plants like flowers, leaves, roots, herbs etc., the variety of these attars are manufactured under high quality control and are 100% free from any kind of alcohol.

Applications : It has varied benefits, which include clarity of mind, harmonizing body, soul, heart and mind, easing psychological pain. They are used in therapeutic and perfumery industry. It is widely accepted in worship, ceremonies, therapeutic values, headache treatment, rheumatism, gout pain, skin applications, cosmetic, creams, shampoos, skin toning, sun screening, antiseptics, deodorants, soaps, skin allergies, joint pains, acne, gutkha, tobacco, pan masala, meethi supari, mouth freshener, agarbatti (incense stick), dhoop batti etc.

Our Supply : We are always ready to provide samples on demand for renowned use. Our finished products are available from 5 gm to 25 kg. Shipping and handling charges extra. We provide discounts offers available for bulk orders and bulk buyers.


Our Product Range of Attars
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» Amber Attars (Pinus Succinifera)
» Chameli Attar (Jasminum Grandiflorum)
» Champa Attar (Champaca officinalis)
» Gul Henna Attar (Lawsonia Inermis)
» Indian Kadamb Attar (Anthocephalus Cadamba)
» Jasmine Attars (Jasmine officinale)
» Juhi Attar (Jasmine Auriculatum )
» Attar Hina (Lawsonia inermis)
» Khus Attar (Vetiveria Zizanoides)
» Kesar Attar (Crocus Sativus)
» Kewra Attar (Pandanus fascicularis)
» Loban Attar (Styrax Benzoin)
» Rooh-Al-Oudh Attar (Agarwood)
» Mitti Attars (Eullers Earth)
» Motia Attar (Jasmine Sambac)
» Kasturi Hina Attar (Myristica Fragrans )
» Moulsree Attar (Cymbobogan Maxinii)
» Musk Amber
» Narcissus Attar (Genus Narcissus)
» Mukhallat Attar (Mesua Ferres)
» Nag Champa Attar (Michelia Champaka)
» Nakh Choya Attar (Citrus Bigardia)
» Oudh Attar Aasam India
» Rajnigandha Attar (Tuberose)
» Rose Attar (Rosa damascena)
» Sandalwood Attar (Santalum album)
» Zafri Attar (Tagetes petula-Mari Gold)
» Choya Ral Attar
» Frangipani Attar (Plumeria Ruera)
» Har Sringar Attar (Nycatnithes)
» Hina Musky Attar (Lawsonia inermis)

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