We understand for any company to be successful the infrastructure & the proximity to the market is very vital. Considering all this the unit is located at Kannauj (Uttar Pradesh), Barwana, Hatras (U. P.) and Chhatrapur (Orisa), as you are aware of Kannauj has become one of the largest Fragrance and Perfumery industry and market place thus accessing the best resource is easy and it is one of the ancient fragrance center in India, enables us with the easy availability of fragrances bearing material.

We have state-of-the-art infrastructure. We are equipped with latest technology based manufacturing unit as well traditional manufacturing process. Our talented team consists of experts, professionals and dedicated workers. We manufacture the very special perfumes and fragrances that provide a new meaning to the products. The continuous up gradation of manufacturing facilities has helped us to bring out superior products and ensured on-time delivery.

Our infrastructure is up-to-date for creating commercial scale processing and always ready to process condition standardization of essential oils & natural aromas. Our Plant is best for processing and development of essential oils & natural aromas. We also believe in value addition in essential oils and thus providing best facility to our manufacturing unit for developed & standardized processes.

Our plant consists of Steam Distillation Unit, Hydro Distillation Unit and Dry Distillation for small scale to large scale production.

For raw materials like flowers, herbs, plants, we have developed our own aromatic farm with improved variety of aroma bearing plants. Proven quality seeds and planting materials of aromatic crops are available for propagation.

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