We are one of the leading manufacturers, extractors, exporters and suppliers of all type of Natural Indian Attars, Natural Indian Essential Oils and Floral Waters being extracted and distilled from natural flowers. 

We procure flowers, one of the most essential raw material of our business, from our own farms.

To maintain the quality, we never use any chemical or fertilizers and let them grow in their natural habitat.

Reason behind the same is that we know that our products have many useful values, when it is used with edibles, have medicinal values always come in touch with human skin. In order to give our valued customers, a full confident and genuine products, our extracting unit, farm houses, flower gardens, fields are always open for free visits.

With a rich experience of this industry, we always strive hard to bring out unique fragrances which make end products all the more pleasant to use. Our range of essential oils has been meticulously analyzed to ensure that they conform to the exacting International Standards.

We spent our plenty of time to locate the real and better source of particular raw material.


Attar is a Persian word, means fragrance/scent/essence. Attars are made from multiple oils, sometimes as many as 30 or 40 Herbs are together distilled with sandal Wood Oil from centuries-old secret Attari family formulas.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are produced of certain flowers, leaves, barks, wood and roots. Essential oils are used in perfumery, aromatherapy, cosmetics, incense, medicine, household cleaning products, and for flavoring food and drink. 


Hydrosols (floral waters) are the water soluble bye product of steam/hydro distillation extracted from natural herbs & flowers of plant material. We have exquisite range of herbal and floral waters used for variety of applications.


Shamamas are basically the blend of herbs , essential oils and floral oils using Hydro Distillation and Patila Process. This is the Natural perfume with Natural Sandalwood Oil as base and many herbal and essential oils are used to prepare this perfume. 


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